What service or services should I choose?
Once we meet and talk, we will get a good idea of how to customize your treatment. With most treatments, a mixture of services will be used in combination for optimal results. The hot stone therapy session is the only therapy we keep completely separate that is used primarily for relaxation.

See below for more information on the massage therapy services we can offer you.

Swedish Massage Swedish: One of the most well known forms of massage. This classical method is used to facilitate and induce the relaxation response, improve circulation, decrease muscle tension, and delivers nutrients to the tissues to enhance immune system function. Often, Swedish is incorporated into more detailed massage such as deep tissue and neuromuscular work.
Deep Tissue: The point of deep tissue massage following the appropriate warm up, is to clear adhesions, reduce congestions, lengthen shortened and thickened muscles as well as fascia, thereby returning the structure to a better balance with gravity. This type of massage usually includes neuromuscular therapy technique with myofascial release to resolve both chronic and acute pain problems deep within one’s structure. Deep Tissue Massage
Neuromuscular Therapy Neuromuscular Therapy: This type of massage is much more detailed, often providing treatment to only a few areas of the body at a time. Pressure is closely monitored for client comfort. Trigger points or hyperirritable points that refer pain or feeling of tension to another area of the body are located and pressure is applied for 6- 10 seconds which interrupts the nerve pattern. This type of therapy is extremely beneficial for people suffering from whiplash trauma.
Craniosacral Therapy: A distinguishing characteristic of CST is the gentleness of the approach. Cranio Sacral is a restorative therapy that has developed from the discovery and interaction with the cranial rhythm. It is believed that your body possesses an inherent intelligence that has the ability to heal itself and my role as the therapist is to provide the body with an open space to be able to do so. This powerful body re-organisation can cause physical vitality and well-being, mental and emotional clarity. Craniosacral Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy Hot Stone Therapy: A unique way to use Mother Earth in a massage to bring balance to your emotional, physical, and spiritual being. Black, smooth, hot Basalt stones are used to massage with, left under and on top the body. Alternating with cold, white marble stones to create a vascular gymnastic for upper back, shoulders and neck to confuse the brain to the point where it knows only to send more blood to the area, flushing tension away for good. People have described a feeling of being cradled , or feeling like a stick of butter that has melted.
Sports Massage: The goal is to facilitate optimum performance and to prevent injury for an athlete’s body during training and/or post event. It is a practical, specific application of Swedish massage, compressions, deep tissue work, cross-fiber friction, and range of motion movement. Sports massage yields immediate, significant, and verifiable positive results for optimal sports performance, delayed on-set muscle soreness, and injury rehabilitation. Sports Massage